know, live and love the purpose for your career and financees
know, live and love the purpose for your career and financees

Products & Services for You

Products & Services for You


Are you searching for an engaging, enthusiastic and effective speaker for your next event?

Book my Expertise TODAY ¨for Your Next Workshop, Conference, or Weekend Service.

I love serving people through speaking engagements. 

No matter if its a ballroom, webcast, or classroom, I offer speaking services for both for-profit and nonprofit clients.

My practical, emotional, and spiritual content is customized for each audience. I help teens, young professionals and adults to know, live, and love the purpose for their career and finances so that they can accomplish their goals and dreams for life more quickly and efficiently.

Using my engaging, enthusiastic and encouraging style, my presentations inspire your audience to take action. 

I hope I get the opportunity to serve you and those at your upcoming event!

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Life Purpose
  • Money Management
  • ​Leadership
  • ​Entrepreneurship
  • Career Transition / Reinvention
  • Faith & Finance
  • ​LinkedIn Maximization
  • ​Young Adults and Money
  • ​Careers, College, and Teens
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Do you want to improve the culture, morale, and
overall productivity of your company?

Of course you do because every good leader does!

Did you know about these statistics below?

86% of American workers deal with some level of stress and anxiety when it comes to financial challenges.

6 out of 10 American workers regularly deal with personal finance problems during the workday. 

(average of 3 hours per week)

33% of American workers miss at least a partial day
of work due to financial issues.

Employee's money stress is crushing
your company's productivity.

 I can help your organization solve this problem!

I solve these problems for organizations whose leaders want to help their employees and teams maximize their productivity. 

With 70-80% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck (Wall Street Journal), money stress is brought from home into the workplace, reducing their overall contribution to the organization. 

I help leaders to crush the employee's money stress through a combination of in-person and online resources. 

Through workshops, on-site coaching sessions, and e-learning platforms like my "7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future Forever", I add value to the employee and his/her family while improving your company culture, morale and productivity!
Our Top Products:
Make Money Online Video
Moms Work From Home Tips
Make A Fortune  From Home
Online Wealth Revealed


 Are you anxious, stressed, or worried about your current or future financial situation?

You are NOT alone...and here's why!

70% of middle-class Americans and 80% of high-income earners live paycheck-to-paycheck.

1 out of every 5 people worries that they will never get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck rut or escape the debt they carry.

The Average American Worker Spends 3 Hours A Week at Work Focused on Their Personal Finances.

If any of the above situations describe you, I encourage you to find the help and hope you need to eliminate stress, improve your lifestyle and strengthen your relationships!

My online course can help you!
Enroll in my course...
"7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future FOREVER!"

Four Fantastic Reasons to Start Today!

  • 8-Module Course delivered via desktop, tablet or mobile devices so you can have at your fingertips 24/7 and complete no matter where you are in the world!
  • Foundational financial concepts made simple, memorable and practical so that you can grasp quickly and use for the rest of your life!
  • Low-effort, high-impact lessons delivered through video, audio, and written word so that you can learn the way you like.
  • Includes monthly webinars with live Q&A so that you can learn and apply strategies that are appropriate for your situation.


Are you currently out of work or laid off from your job?

Are you working for the wrong leader or organization?

Are you searching for meaning in the work you do?

If you said "yes" to any of the questions above, I encourage you not to wait another minute and connect with me for a discovery call.

I will help you by showing you how to know, live and love the purpose for your career!

I utilize a 7-step action plan to help you know, live and love the purpose for your career! 

For individuals, I utilize a combination of a guided workbook, website, online groups and video-conference coaching.

Across 3 units, the 7-step action plan addresses the practical, emotional, and spiritual components of a career transition or reinvention, job search, or the launching of a new business. 
Each participant will complete the coaching process equipped, educated, and encouraged to know live and love the purpose for their career.
Remember this:
You have purpose and so does your career!
I will help you to identify what you do best so that you can serve those who need it the most!
Our Top Products:
Make Money Online Video
Moms Work From Home Tips
Make A Fortune  From Home
Online Wealth Revealed


career workshop man
"A few weeks ago I was feeling hopeless after being laid off. The career workshop gave me hope and a renewed passion."
- Joseph G.,
Career Workshop Participant
Brian Horvath LIVE Speaking
“Brian has a knack for bringing the complete package. The impact of his words was clear, as a number of people had questions for Brian afterward. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about his presentation and its benefits!”
- Sharon T.,
Business Owner
Lead Pastor, Craig Altman
"Brian is one of the most passionate, professional, and transparent people I know. No matter if he is leading a team of volunteers, speaking at a Sunday service, or coaching an individual, Brian inspires, equips, and encourages through his message of knowing, living, and loving the purpose for our finances. I consider Brian a trusted resource for helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve similar goals."
- Craig Altman,
Founder and Lead Pastor,
Grace Family Church
Coffee and Computer
"Brian was so passionate about helping me prepare for the interview it was like he was going on it with me!"
- Patrika S.,
Interview Prep Client
Student working on budget
"I was inspired to take the necessary steps to master my money!"
- Mary Ann W.,
Money Workshop Participant
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